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Het Collectief gathers in weekly sessions. On 18 May 2019 the collective participated in the Neuhaus Symposium and Opening, hosting two interactive discussions in the format of one of their weekly meetings. Afterwards, the conversation starting border objects have remained a part of Neuhaus. The collective seeks to cross the borders of our familiar modes of knowing. This allows the collective to func­tion as a site for thinking and exploration of indeterminacy in design.

 “As students of Design Academy Eindhoven, we are asked to design design. We are as­ked to question what design is actually for, and in turn, what we are here for. However, even in a school where we are asked to develop an avant garde stance in our work and worldviews, the idea that design holds all the answers for our fai­ling world still persists. We seem unable to remove ourselves - the human - from the centre of design discourse and activity. We, the collective, are attempting to shift away from the human-centred context in which design currently operates by means of three alternative and intersecting me­thodologies."

Het Collectief consists of: Zan Kobal, Zeniya Vreugdenhil, Charlotte Blödel, Miguel Guevara Parra, Victoria Plasteig, Charlelie Flamant Sofia Bresciani, Sergi Casero Nieto, Anna Dryaeva, Anna Jakob, Manon Aubry. Below, download a document with a brief introduction, a glossary and descriptions of the collective's practice and several border objects.