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Discover the exhibitions of Het Nieuwe Instituut through a team of unravellers and experience experts. These guides will show you around from their perspective as a composer, dancer, artist, culinary advisor or entrepreneur. You can join them on their Sunday Strolls, book the educational programme Join in Designing the Future or book your own separate tour with one or more of the guides.

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Asha Capella

Asha is an all-rounder who loves to learn and do new things. As a chef, her passion is cooking, and her favourite things are food, people dancing offbeat, and her family.


"If you're enthusiastic and familiar with a subject and good at communicating it, then you're a good tour guide."

Bas van der Kruk

Bas is a performer, writer, artist, and creative advisor. He graduated from dance academy in London, and has a master's degree in applied ethics. His favourite things are rolls across the floor and the colours of Miami. 

 "I like to mix different forms of artistic expression to make people look at the world in a slightly different way."

Florian van Zandwijk

Fascinated with culture and technology, Florian addresses current trends as a designer in media ranging from text to video essays and social media. His favourite things are train journeys, slow documentaries, and his collection of football shirts.  

"If I share my knowledge and ignorance with others and others with me, they may lead us both to insight, or raise new questions."

Gilliam Spliethof

Composer Giliam makes sounds and music for interactive systems such as games, escape rooms, VR, installations, and now makes music for theatre. His favourite things are the three 'P's - piano, plants and ping-pong.  

"When I can immerse people in something, I get cheerful."

Joëlle Hoogendoorn

Joëlle is mad about visual art. She is a passionate maker, visitor to exhibitions, art teacher, and has a sizeable collection of art books. Her favourite things are oranges, Iceland and her cat, Sushi.  

“I like to draw the visitor right into my story. My aim is to get people enthusiastic and give them a feeling of satisfaction when they leave.”

Martin Snip

Martin is an actor, performer, presenter, interviewer and teacher. One minute he is classically singing in stilettos as his alter ego Stretchmark, the next he's presenting on RTV Rijnmond, after which he may even lead another silent disco. His favourite things are walks without expectation, deep breathing, and pumpkin from the oven.  

"What I want the audience to experience is that we're not alone. We're part of a generation, a current image of time and society. You and all your idiosyncratic thoughts are unique, but also a product of your environment, offering room for connection."

Pia Canales

Pia is a professional observer of everyday things. Thanks to her hyper-curious attitude, she knows a little too much, and thanks to her art background, she knows a little more. Her favourite things are peanut butter, inter-dimensional aliens, and amateurs.  

"I walk in circles, I only walk in circles, I walk in circles for hours, I keep walking in circles, every circle is different."

Semm Capella

Semm’s company H&V Agency helps artists develop and manage their careers, and he has also started a brand for rings, pocket squares, silk scarves, and other luxury accessories. His favourite things are music, family, and creation. 

 "It's not just a tour, it's an experience."

Shahaila Winklaar

As an artist, lawyer, and tour guide, Shahaila has moved through the Parade, the House of Representatives, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, and the Mauritshuis. She is curious about people and their stories, vision and motivations, and her favourite things are free-style knitting, in-depth sofa hanging, and her e-reader.  

"A good questioner shows you a different point of view, a vision. An even better questioner starts a conversation."