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Third-year students from the designLAB at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy are making a contribution to the Neuhaus curriculum.

In the year in which they themselves are taking their final exams at the Rietveld Academy, third-year students from the designLAB are developing interventions with which they can contribute to the Neuhaus curriculum. Their department’s motto, Moholy-Nagy’s ‘design is not a profession but an attitude,’ corresponds to Neuhaus’ orientation towards future designers who adopt an active, committed stance towards the world of today and tomorrow, unbound by fixed styles or disciplines. From this starting point, these “bold dreamers, independent researchers and dedicated inventors” the designLAB aims to produce get to grips with the Neuhaus issues and themes. In this instance, their critical concepts and conclusions, as well as the meetings between fact and fiction into which they translate their ideas, will be geared towards more-than-human knowledge.

With: Tjacco Bakker, Patrycja Beliniak, Leon Bloch, Puck van Donselaar, Jonas Hejduk, Esben Ingemann Larsen, Sien van Look, Pauline Rip, Nicoloas Rotta, Marie-Louise Schmidlin.