Please, accept cookies in order to load the content. is more than an interactive video clip: it is also an online research environment, a large-scale spatial installation in Neuhaus and an organically growing visual campaign. And, most importantly of all: it allows us to see the world through new eyes. With your help, Studio Moniker is developing an ever-expanding video specially for Neuhaus. combines photography, film, music by Rotterdam act Jo Goes Hunting, graphic and web design in an interactive video clip.

Step-by-step, on the basis of ever more challenging questions and assignments, Neuhäusler and other visitors to a mobile site will be able to make their own contributions to the video. They will fill in the empty spaces, but also guide the ‘evolution’ of the clip with their own content. This will then result in a presentation of all the input in Neuhaus headquarters in Rotterdam, revealing what Neuhaus is all about and what it stands for. As the Bauhaus pioneers would say: time to ‘die Welt zu neu zu denken’ [‘think the world anew’]! was developed for Het Nieuwe Instituut by Studio Moniker.

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