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How could we re-imagine the world when entering into an exchange with the unknown?

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Hackers & Designers, Momentary Zine

"Hey Siri" or "OK Google", many people are in daily conversation with smart technology to ask what the weather will be or to set an alarm. Could technology that recognizes speech also create something together with you?

How does it work? Say something and it will be printed! The Momentary Zine looks for images that match the words you say. The result: a publication! Who is the author of this end result? You, who sspeaks the words, the designers of this installation or the publishing machine, which uses algorithms to find images and guides the design? Or do you work very well together?


Neulab is realised by Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Education Department in collaboration with the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Tutors: Arthur Boer & Boris SmeenkHackers & DesignersRawshapingRNUL InteractiveWorld Wilder LabWillem de Kooning Academy, Het Nieuwe Instituut.