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This experimental set-up explores the possibilities of the ‘zoöp,’ a new form of organisation in which humans and non-humans become joint owners and collaborators within a co-operation.

NeuhausZoöp Research Facility is a facility for public, practical research into alternative forms of living together, working together and generating ecological capital. The name of this new form of organisation links the legal model of cooperation (or co-op) with the Ancient Greek word ζωή (zoo), which means ‘life’. The zoöp contributes to a stronger social, legal and economic position for non-humans within society, as well as making it possible to work towards a model of reciprocal ecological-economic growth that is able to resist the exhausting dynamics of capitalism. During the Neuhaus period, in the ponds around Het Nieuwe Instituut and in The New Garden, information and experiences will be gained which will then be used in the foundation of a pilot zoöp at Fort Abcoude in September.

See also the report of the first Terraforming Earth Lab: Constitution of a 21st Century Society.