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Therefore we will look into plants survival strategies, use this as an inspiration for alternative scenarios of living and being together and discuss and speculate about alternative social and value practices. We want to shift the mode of using ecological environments for human benefits only to force a cohabitation that considers all needs and overcomes the unequal distribution of power and exploitation. Can we redesign our society by using plants social behaviour as inspiration and how do we build social relationships among cross species? What organisational forms are necessary to collectively survive among cross-species? How can we build an interwoven and common-oriented life that considers all needs? The outcome of the lunch and the workshop will be well-fed participants, discussions, dancing, prototypes, storytelling and/or role plays.

Research Institute of Botanical Linguistics

Research Institute of Botanical Linguistics (RIBL) was founded in the framework of Hackers & Designers Summer Academy in 2017 by designer Lucia Kolesarova from Prague, artist and filmmaker Dorian de Rijk from Amsterdam, designer Daniela Rota and designer and researcher Meike Hardt, both based in Zurich. “RIBL’s aspiration is to explore interdependencies between humans and non-humans. Our goal is to question human-centred knowledge production, normalization processes, and truthmaking in relation to design and art practice. When thinking of design and art practice as an integral part of world making and to establish normalization processes, we believe that it is necessary to consider the world as pluralistic. Therefore the institute's basic intention is to shift the human perspective and to get connected with botanicals, to think “with” them and to use botanical systems as a point of reference for human beliefs and truthmaking. Our practice within RIBL consists of organizing dinner events and hands-on workshops, discussions, and performance in a playful and ironic manner to aim at exploration, design and research.”

12:00 – 18:30

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Standard€ 25
Students, CJP, Friends and Members of Het Nieuwe Instituut€ 15