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Today, machine breaking and technophobia have reduced the Luddite narrative to a colloquial stigma, though it is no longer machines that need breaking but the metaphors that obfuscate our literacies of them. In contemporary mythology, Eliza Ludd is understood to wage revolt against the Fog, or fog computing, heir apparent to the Cloud. However, the Fog cannot be fought alone. Eliza Ludd re-emerges as a collective body to narrate a Luddism fit for our current condition. This workshop demarcates a space to project the dreams, criticisms and manifestos of the 21st century User into—human and non-human. Eliza Ludd is to be hailed the Metaphor Breaker and user-agent provocateur of our New Dark Age.

Ollie George

Ollie George is a designer and writer based in London, working between the fields of graphic design, art, pedagogy and curation. His practice employs an expanded concept of fiction, one that extends on the novel as its popularized ‘genre’, to re-enchant matters of education, technology and collectivity.

11:00 – 16:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Standard€ 7,50
Students, CJP, Friends and Members of Het Nieuwe Instituut€ 3,75