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In the Redesigning the Designer education meeting, we will reflect upon, among other things, the outcomes of four months of Neuhaus and discuss the possible ways in which the ‘more-than-human knowledge’ that was central to this temporary academy can be incorporated within future curricula. For example, what does today’s ideal designer look like? How can a decentralised human position be given form within (design) education? What supporting role can the national institute for architecture, design and digital culture play within this scenario for the design field and in particular for education?

Experimental methods

Het Nieuwe Instituut sees itself (also outside the context of the Neuhaus project, which will reach its conclusion during the weekend of the education meeting) as a testing ground in which various internal and external parties can engage in research and experimental methods. These parties have a shared responsibility for ensuring the design sector’s impact on social developments, embedding socio-cultural questions within curricula and preparing potential clients for future design propositions. The formal and informal relationships that Het Nieuwe Instituut maintains with various stakeholders across the full breadth of the field ensure an ongoing conversation about the division of roles.

Combined effort 

In the light of our planet’s current burnout, there is a widely felt urgency to change our destructive ways of thinking, designing, manufacturing and consuming. Various professions have already been forced into interdisciplinary collaborations. There is, as such, no lack of a shared willingness to tackle these issues, but how do we ensure that this is translated into practice: into a combined effort between society, the design field, the business community and the various relevant educational programmes? How do you define and develop talent when you are attempting to rewrite the criteria and logic of a production-oriented economy? 

14:00 – 17:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


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